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Legal Translation

Legal TranslationThe term ‘legal translation usually makes people confused. When you say something is legal, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is related to law. Though legal translations do handle law-related documents like the legal ruling, wills and litigation papers, it also works on transcripts, patents and financial reports. Best Line Legal is the best Arabic legal translation agency Dubai.

The legal transaction is defined as the translation of document related to the regulation of legal relationships which includes international relations and information dissemination among the law practitioners in different countries. Legal translation is one of the most difficult branches of the transition services which needs a high level of excellent knowledge, linguistic skills and international legislation, standards, law and cultural differences.

We have professionals and experts who are highly skilled in this field and helps you throughout the process.

What is Police Clearance Certificate?

Legal translation is a multi-faceted specialized translation service. This covers different documents that are needed by civil systems and criminal justice. Legal translations need to be trained, subject matter experts like ours. The translations should have an in-depth understanding of the law of the source and the target language. High levels of accuracy are imperative in legal translations.

The legal tests have plenty of meanings depending on the choice of words. Therefore the legal translator of our company knows the legal terminology of the target and source language along with knowing the regional and cultural differences.

Legal English is usually complicated and long. Often these are statutory text that is written in passive voice, whereas many target languages use active voice. Different countries have different licensing of legal translators.

In some countries, they have level translation degree and business degree, while in other countries, they need certification from their federal and state court.

Difference Between Certified Translation And Legal Translation

Many people usually get confused between legal translation and certified translation. The truth is there are differences between these two branches of translation.

Legal Translation

The legal transaction deals with translating text concerning legal documents that are often prepared by professionals and lawyers involved in law practice. This concerns a long list of documents like witness and court transcripts, legal disclaimers, depositions, laws, regulations, affidavits, government, legal ruling reports, statements, legal certifications, technical documents to support litigation effort, and arbitration and litigation documents among others.

Legal translations involve business and corporate documents like letters of credit, patent filling, licenses, contracts and more.

Certified Translation

Certified translation involves scientific, legal, technical or literary contents, is required when the translation must be submitted to an organisation or entity that needs a certificate attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

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